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My father had the wanderlust and moved us up and down the American East Coast, to Sweden and England, and back and forth in between. I wanted to tone it down a bit and moved my family from Bucks County Pennsylvania to Richmond Virginia in 1996 where we have remained ever since. I had been writing short stories and poems and tucking them away in desk drawers for many years. Richmond has a vibrant art community that has enabled me to dust them off and pursue my literary interests more diligently. It was a good move.

I still have a few books left in me. Currently I’m planning a sci-fi fantasy novel centered around the Hayflick Limit, the theoretical number of times that cells can divide that leads to cellular death. What if you don't have to die? Will procreation be engineered out genetically to eliminate overpopulation? What do you believe in when religions based on an afterlife or reincarnation have no purpose?  After a couple of centuries the brain will fill up and crash like a hard drive unless it's cleaned up to create more room. Where do you store the memories? -JTB


J. Thomas Brown has co-produced local TV writing shows and coordinated poetry readings at the Richmond Public Library, Richmond, Virginia. His short stories have appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review and Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet. He has contributed poems to Lingering in the Margins: A River City Poets Anthology and North of Oxford.

Other Works

Driving With Poppi: A Patremoir (novelette)

Mooncalf, a collection of poems

Land of Three Houses (historical fiction novel)

The Hole in the Bone (historical fantasy novel)

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