June 13th Online Presentation of Hole in the Bone

Dear Readers,

I'm giving an online presentation of The Hole in the Bone sponsored by Henrico Library Tuckahoe branch. It's the story of an archaeologist who is hired by the Regional Museum of Xinjiang to lead an expedition to discover the Lost City of Shamadu in the Taklamakan Desert.  The talk will include the writing process, research, and the plight of the Uighurs. June 13th 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  AUTHORS SHOWCASE EVENT LINK

While researching for the novel I came to realize cultural suppression of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang was taking place. The modernization of this once remote region of the world by the Chinese government has made it more accessible for tourists and opened it up for research and discovery. At the same time, the very reason that it was attractive as a remote and exotic place to explore was being destroyed at the expense of the indigenous people. Old Uyghur neighborhoods and bazaars are being demolished and millions of Uyghur people, mostly Muslim, re-educated to be more "acceptable." This is sadly reminiscent of American and Canadian mission schools and relocation to reservations of native peoples.

At my last book signing of The Hole in the Bone I donated all the proceeds to Uyghur Human Rights Project.  Other organizations that provide awareness and ways you can help stop forced labor and persecution of Uyghurs are:

China Tribunal
Findings and judgement on organ harvesting and forced labor on Uighurs and Falon Gong
Uyghur American Association -Promoting and preserving Uyghur culture

Take Action:
Organizations recommended by Elie Weisel Foundation:
Campaign for Uyghurs – ways to get involved
Athenai -
World Uyghur Congress - World Uyghur Congress
Uyghur Human Rights Project – take action and donations

Join us online on June 13th, 7PM at Author's Showcase, The Hole in the Bone.  WEBEX LINK FOR EVENT