MOONCALF is a collection of 33 poems in print released as an ebook by Fenghuang Publishing and distributed by IngramSpark. The word mooncalf suggests misshapen. Or a fool, not belonging. It is a quest for perfection in an imperfect world. In the collection you will find joy, satire, pathos, magic, and the goblin spirit, duende. Some of the poems come from dreams, some from close encounters with the bending sickle. The closer the chine, the truer the line.

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MOONCALF MOLTEN GOLD is a collection of 33 poems released as an audiobook by Author's Republic. Narration with musical accompaniment by the author.

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DREAMS OF DREAMS is projected to be released in November of 2019. Dark short stories, including the lucid dreaming series, "Skating on the Moon."

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