Driving With Poppi

Driving with Poppi: A Patremoir

Author’s note: My father had the wanderlust and moved our family nearly every year and a half. We lived up and down the U.S. East Coast, in Sweden, and in England. The plot is woven around the places we lived. A common thread in the story is his driving, at times humorous, and sometimes terrifying. My father had a mind like a steel trap, but his braininess also got him into trouble. He loved life – perhaps too much.

His mind was always crunching away on something else. He was not mentally in the same place where his body was. Dad said on several occasions he wished he had become a college professor and not an engineer. He enjoyed getting in front of an audience and lecturing with near perfect recall of dates and facts and gesticulated dramatically when speaking. This is okay if you are giving a lecture, but not if you are doing over sixty down the highway and take your hands off the wheel. He had driving tickets. Lots.

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Paperback Novelette: 58 pages

ISBN-10 : 0578806568, ISBN-13 : 978-0578806563

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Publisher : Fenghuang Publishing (January 12, 2021)

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