Historical fiction and adventure set in the 1790s

William Sterner’s story begins in the late 1700’s on the Tohickon Creek in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His quest for wealth leads him to Livorno, Tuscany, during the Napoleonic wars. He is making mistakes along his way, and must learn from his Lenape friend, Charles Durham, what matters most in life. Join him on his journey home to The Land of Three Houses.

Released March 30, 2018   Reviews

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HIB: The Hole in the Bone

An American archaeologist falls into the tomb of an ancient shaman buried in the Taklamakan Desert. He learns he must complete his mission from a previous life 3800 years ago: to save the souls of Shamadu enslaved in the Caverns of Kunlun.

J. T. Brown's most recent novel set along the Old Silk Road in The Land of Fruits and Melons. Release date: November 16, 2018.    Reviews

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