Place and Setting Live Author Event

Writers use narrative structure, characters, plot, mood, theme, and setting to build a world in which to tell their stories. A setting is a surrounding, environment, or stage and includes the time period in which the action occurs. The setting affects what’s under the hood in a work of art – it has a profound effect on the meaning of a story. The underlying political, moral, and ethical messages of a work are made more transparent by place and setting.

On Sunday, July 25 at 3 p.m., artist Alvaro Ibañez and his wife Denise DeVries will host a discussion on place influencing the writing of Sonja McGiboney, a photographer and author of Jazzy's Books, and Arthur S. Newman, author/ illustrator of Ever Caught a Rabbit in a Cornfield, Ever Tangled With Lightning, and adult thriller, The Umbrella Clause. I will speak about setting and world building in my novels and poetry.

Open to authors and the public. The Surreal Arizona gallery will be open for visitors before and after the presentations. Light refreshments will be served. Visitors are also welcome from 10-5 Monday through Saturday.