There will be an open mic Saturday, May 30th, at Poetry Spotlight, Book People Richmond. The featured poet is J. T. Brown. Some selections will include musical accompaniment. Come join him as he celebrates the release of his eBook and audiobook, both titled Mooncalf, a look at the world through an outsider's lens.

Event date: Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Event address: 536 Granite Ave, Richmond, VA 23226

Review Quotes:

"Mooncalf is a fitting wanderer through this imaginative landscape from honeymoon, kings, sea turtle, and woodpecker to cowboy, Ice King, Homburg Hat and Starman. The poetry, however, is all but foolhardy as the book title, Mooncalf, might suggest. Poet J. Thomas Brown skillfully covers a wide range of topics from human greed, environmental crises, global politics, to minority neighborhood demolition and serial murder . . . I have kudos for each poem in this collection . . . "    --Patsy Asuncion, author of Cut on the Bias

“From the journey of new-born sea turtles to the drive-by death of a beloved cow, Brown is our myth-teller and guide through a universe that is both devastating and full of wonder, where politicians resemble villains of old, and poets (the keepers of hidden things) read their rhymes amid the grinding of coffee beans and meet their dooms in Viking halls . . . It makes me think we should all spend a little more time gazing at the moon.”   --Joanna S. Lee, author of Dissections


Mooncalf Author's Republic

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