Reviews of The Hole in the Bone

Phyllis Wachob, author of Teachers Abroad Mysteries. A Xinjiang Traveler

“What a treat for archeologists! … The Hole in the Bone is a time traveler science fiction tale that is grounded in true archeological remains found in the Xinjiang region of China. You can see the real ‘Tok Ma’ in the Urumqi Museum. His mummy is very tall and with a feather in his felt cap. There is no reason to think that he doesn’t have a bone with a hole in it tucked into his vest pocket. The descriptions of the Tocharian culture were close enough to the real thing to have an anthropologist grinning with glee. The pacing is good with twists and turns to the plot that keeps the reader engaged. The descriptions of local Uyghur culture are lively and the food scenes are mouth-watering. The only thing that may be jarring to anyone who has been to Xinjiang recently is the ease with which the ‘foreigners’ negotiate Chinese bureaucracy in this fictional account. The reality is much different.”

M. K. Mollman, author of Becoming A Druid and A Struggle for Survival

Five stars on Amazon. “… a very good read. The main character is the reincarnation of a wise man from 3800 years ago in China on the silk road. He must go back in time to finish what he could not do the first time around. The jumps through time and space were done well. Just a short explanation about how and then back to the story.”

Nureyan Zunong, native of Urumqi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region

“The book is very interesting, not your usual Xinjiang topic books. I like fantasy, time traveling sort of stories so I enjoyed it very much. Reading the story made me home sick.”

John Maxwell, author, chef, world traveler, and Virginia television personality

“Good story. Wonderful characters and great scenery.”