Breaking Them with Words

Everywhere Stories Vol. III.  

Everywhere Stories is an anthology of fiction from around the world. J Thomas' story, "Breaking Them with Words," is the story of an unlikely friendship between a Finnish and a German officer forced to fight together in Lapland at the end of WWII. The story first appeared in The Scarlet Leaf Review in October of 2017. It is republished again in Everywhere Stories Vol. III.

Driving With Poppi Cover - photo of joint Rotary Club pumping station project project

Driving With Poppi

Author's note: "Driving With Poppi is a patremoir told through my POV. A common thread in the story is my father's driving, at times humorous, and sometimes terrifying. My father had a mind like a steel trap, but his braininess also got him into trouble. He loved life, perhaps too much, and in the end, had difficulty letting go. My father had the wanderlust and moved our family every year and a half. We lived up and down the U.S. East Coast, in Sweden, and in England. The plot is woven around the places we lived, then comes to rest at my parents' in-law suite across the street from a cemetery."

The story is currently under revision.


Living the rusted dream, Pop Korn, a steel worker, is forced into early retirement. Part of a short story collection under revision.

Skating on the Moon

Awaken within the dream. A dream therapist enters the mind of a patient to rescue her from a state of unending nightmares by teaching her lucid dreaming. Skating on the Moon is a lucid dreaming series of four sci-fi fantasy stories. To be released soon in a short story collection.

Maryland House

George Anders is the victim of a mind control experiment conducted from an old maintenance trailer parked at the Maryland House rest stop on Route 95. Episode four of the Skating on the Moon series.


Horror comedy set in 1923. A male chauvinist meets Madam Hel, a witch with a crystal ball in a garden of unusual orchids. To be released soon in a collection of J. Thomas Brown's short stories.