Short Stories  

Awaken within the dream. The lucid dreaming novella, "Skating on the Moon," plus five dark tales. Currently available as a pre-release from  the Richmond Public Library as a Pressbooks web book for free.

Breaking Them with Words

Everywhere Stories Vol. III.  

In this anthology of fiction from around the world is J Thomas' story, "Breaking Them with Words," which takes place in Finland near the end of WWII. The story first appeared in The Scarlet Leaf Review in October of 2017. It is republished again in Dreams of Dreams.

Sharp Top Winter Peaks of Otter Photo by Keith Bryan

The Tillerson

A defunct resort for sale in the Blue Ridge attracts a host of unsavory buyers with delusions of grandeur. The story is included in Dreams of Dreams.

Photo Sharp Top Peaks of Otter by Keith Bryan.


Living the rusted dream, Pop Korn, a steel worker, is forced into early retirement. Part of the Dreams of Dreams collection.

RUST | Fiction by J Thomas Brown
Sci-Fi fantasy

Skating on the Moon

A dream therapist enters the mind of a patient to rescue her from a state of unending nightmares by teaching her lucid dreaming. Skating on the Moon is a lucid dreaming series of four sci-fi fantasy stories. To be released soon in Dreams of Dreams.

Maryland House

George Anders is the victim of a mind control experiment conducted from an old maintenance trailer parked at the Maryland House rest stop on Route 95. Episode four of the Skating on the Moon series.

Maryland House - Speculative Fiction


Horror comedy set in 1923. A male chauvinist meets Madam Hel, a witch with a crystal ball in a garden of unusual orchids.